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"I stopped doing yoga at the beginning of 2017 due to local classes causing me pain. I promised myself I wouldn't start again until I saw a certified teacher. I've never regretted finding Rachel. She is very patient, kind, silly but stern when needed. Her life is full of color and passion that shows every day that she practice. And I enjoy being able to spend my time growing as a student with her. "

- Jacob

Class Schedule


5:15-6:45pm   Level 2  12 South Yoga


8:30-9:30am  All Levels  Steadfast & True

4:00-5:15pm  Level 1-2  12 South Yoga




5:45-7:00pm Level 1 12 South Yoga

7:05-8:30pm Level 1-2  12 South Yoga

4:00-5:15pm Level 1  12 South Yoga

5:20-6:50pm Level 2-3  12 South Yoga

Private Yoga Sessions

Rachel offers one-on-one yoga therapy sessions to help student develop a home practice of yoga to manage their specific conditions:

  • Pain management
  • Recovering from an injury
  • Managing depression and anxiety
  • Managing neurological issues
  • Working with hormonal imbalances

Rate: 1 hour session is $85

Yoga Therapy

Disease and injury often come when things are out of balance in our lives. Our body naturally seeks homeostasis, a relatively stable equilibrium. When we override messages we've received over time (pain, stress, sleep problems, etc.) then an injury or illness can be a reminder to pay attention and make some changes in our life. The definition of therapy is that which helps treat or heal disease. Injuries and disease, however, aren't always strictly physical. Human beings are a complex amalgam of physical form, intellect, emotions and energy. True healing comes from addressing obstacles and impediments in our life at all levels. Yoga therapy in the Iyengar tradition uses specific postures (asana) and optimal breathing to effect the health and healing potential of the entire organism. Some of the areas that Rachel works in include:

  • Hips & Lower Back
  • Neck & Shoulder
  • Knees
  • Digestive issues
  • Scoliosis
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Neurological conditions (i.e. migraines, car accidents)
  • Women's Health (fertility, pregnancy, menstrual disorders, menopause)

For more information on scientific research of the efficacy of Iyengar Yoga Therapy here.